Help us, help you #FINDYOURGEM

Can’t stand that unpleasant dealer visit?
Annoyed with the excessively ambitious car salesman?
Have no time? Cat is hungry? Late to yoga?

It’s okay, we really have heard it all, which is why we created the GEM concept with YOU in mind.
Think of us as your personal butler. We won’t do your laundry, but will initiate
hard-bargaining tactics with our dealers and find that perfect deal tailored to your EXACT needs.
It’s really that simple, tell us what you want, what your willing to spend, and viola, we give you a multitude of options.
Since we deal in bulk, we bring the savings straight to you. Our dealers pay us with unlimited beer and Vegas trips.
Therefore, we charge you NO EXTRA FEES.
You choose, you agree, we deliver your car, you sign. You win. They win. We win, sometimes.

All Makes & Models

We don't discriminate, we appreciate! We work with ALL brands, ALL models, ALL configurations. Exotics, trucks, and motorcycles. Yes really.

Unlimited FREE Support

You have a questions? We have answers! We can't help with your love life, but can help you fall in love. Don't hesitate. FREE SUPPORT FOREVER.


Yes, we work with them, we eat with them, hang out with them. But always sleep good at night knowing we bring the savings to you.


Tell us what you want and your budget. It's that simple! We give you options, many options, and always enough options. You choose.

GEM’s Specials

All deals are subject to availability, client credit status, and weather conditions.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Pints of Beer
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